Air plasma cutting 5mm 10mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 40mm without gas( needn’t connect outside air compressor)

Air plasma cutting machines with build-in compressor

Would you like to try the air plasma cutting machines with a built-in air compressor? In this way, your customer can do cutting any place without the limitation of an outside air compressor. 

needn’t connect outside air compressor
build-in air compressor

Many of our customers are very interested in it,  especially for some DIY customers, they are especially interested in our CUT-40AIR( 40A), 1/220V.  needn’t connect any outside air compressor and do cutting any place they want.


It is compact & portable and very convenient as a household appliance, but it is strong, powerful, and stable,  can cut 10mm, 15mm, or even 20mm maximally for the 40A, 1ph /220V-240V.

Also, we have the larger ones like 60A, 80A, or even 100A with a build-in compressor one to cut 25mm, 30mm, 35mm even 40mm.

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