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Very good welding machine for the money. Easy to use, High duty cycle compared to similar priced models. Only issue is finding replacement parts for the MIG gun that came with the green cased version, the new black one uses a standard MIG gun.

VATOMGood Home Welder

It's a small, cost-effective welder. The components are all budget pieces but it works with some fiddling. Wire tension is crucial. Amperage/wire feed is pretty easy to adjust. Overall, a great machine. Quality of the welding machine is excellent

Mike BurnetteFunctional and Economical Welder

Great value for a Welder. Easy to use and start welding. There are no instructions on amps and wire speed for a certain thickness of metal. After a couple of quick welds, you can get it dialed in. I have not used it for stick welding yet.

RyanGood welder

This flux core welder is great for a sub $200 120 volt MIG welder. I have used it to weld 1/4 inch steel with a 3/32 6011 and it had full penetration. The MIG gun I use on 1/8'' and less does the job. Have not tested the Tig function yet but I am certain it would do well. Perfect Power Welder makes a mighty flux core welding machine for a very good price.

Danielle MillsThe Little Flux Core Welder that can!

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