The Future of Auto Shop: Embrace Efficiency with Mobile Electric Lift Tables!

The revolutionary U-DP7 EV battery replacement lift is the newest addition to Balance Group’s EV battery and drivetrain support systems. The perfect solution for servicing next-generation vehicles, this lift system delivers wireless, rechargeable electric/hydraulic operation. Being untethered improves operator efficiency by eliminating the need for a manual hand crank or foot pump to operate the lift table while maintaining complete portability. Its twin-cylinder design provides maximum load stability for lifting and lowering, while an automatic safety lock system secures a massive 2200 pounds at working heights up to 70″. Easy-Glide Multi-Directional Swivel Casters drive the ultra-portable design, making effortless work of moving loads up to full capacity. The U-DP7 EV battery replacement lift also comes standard with an impact-resistant UHMW protective cover on the lift table, providing insulation from electric shock hazards. Also, to optimize efficiency and usability, the lift system features four-corner platform leveling adjustment, a slip-plate tabletop, full-length utility trays, a pendant controller with an extra-long cable, and manual floor locks. The U-DP7 EV battery replacement lift by Balance Group makes light work of otherwise difficult EV battery removal and installation procedures – plus, with a full line of adapters and accessories can be outfitted to handle many other load-intensive undercarriage services. For more information please visit:

Welcome to Unite Automotive Equipment Company, the auto shop of the future. What we have here today is an innovative new product from Balance Group, a leader in the automotive battery lift business. This is a U-DP7 electric vehicle battery lift. It allows you to do a number of things, and I’m going to show you some of them. I’m not a big guy, but watch how easily this thing can move. A 200-pound battery. It has triple casters, so if you have an obstruction on the floor, like this bolt that I’m going to put underneath that wheel, and I try to move this, watch what happens to that swivel. It just simply swivels around it. This lift is still patent-pending, but it just received a rating for 2200 lb.

The Future of Auto Shop: Embrace Efficiency with Mobile Electric Lift Tables!
The Future of Auto Shop: Embrace Efficiency with Mobile Electric Lift Tables!

Now, the reason that’s important the that the Model S is a twelve hundred-pound battery pack, so it uses maybe a quarter of the capacity of this lift. But as the EV business continues to grow and expand, there are much heavier batteries coming down the pike, things like Rivian, and the Hummer. Those are the big, heavy batteries. And this is certainly capable of handling up to 2200 lb.

Now, what makes this product unique is you can raise and lower with the scissor lift, and then once you put the pack up underneath the car, you’re going to have to align it.

And through precision slip tables here, you can move that 1200-pound battery pack by releasing these pins.

And now you can see this actually will move the battery around, which is critical, because you have these bolts that you have to line, and you have cooling jackets and sockets that have to be perfectly aligned before that battery can go back up in the car.

The advantage here, by inserting the battery with a lift from down below is you get a lot more precision rather than lowering the car onto the battery with a stationary platform.

Some of the tables we used to use here have no adjustment, it’s just tables.

In the old journeys, it took two to three people to move a battery by itself.

The Future of Auto Shop: Embrace Efficiency with Mobile Electric Lift Tables!
The Future of Auto Shop: Embrace Efficiency with Mobile Electric Lift Tables!

With this one, it’s, I mean, you could use fingers.

Yes, this EV battery left here with a battery on it, is super easy to move.

And that’s what makes this lift so versatile, so accurate and so unique.

And again, with that slip plate that allows this twelve-hundred-pound battery pack to be fine-tuned, we could easily move it into position, without even needing to use the slip.

Now that I’ve experimented with the new EV battery pack lift, I couldn’t imagine going back to the old-style tabletop.

Not only is this Balance Group U-DP7 electric vehicle battery lift designed for dropping battery packs out of electric vehicles, But a common repair also is dropping the drive train, which is the motor and averter assembly with the mounting cradle out of the car for repairs.

Some of the repairs, e.g., are the motor mounts break and crack or the motor and inverter assembly, need work.

Now, what we’ve done here is shown you a cradle drop out of a different car, and the original cradle is still in the car, so you can see where the motor and the inverter sit, and how this cradle mounts up in there these mounting adaptors, which allow us to adjust the height of the standoff and drop a drive train cradle like this safely.

When we’re done, the cradle is back up in the car, these accessories go back up on the shelf, and this starts functioning like a battery lift.

Again, this device, for us, is a labor-saving device, and it also makes the entire process much safer.

Balance Group is an innovator that has been in the automotive accessory business for several years, 2005.

And they are most recently developing a product for the EV business.

Unlike traditional auto shops working on internal combustion engine vehicles, there are specialized equipment in shops like this that is required. And Balance Group is stepping up to the

plate and developing products for this new market. Thank you for joining us. I’m Unite.

See you next Time.