Streamlining Tire Maintenance: Exploring the Features and Benefits of Automatic Tire Changers

"Streamlining Tire Maintenance: Exploring the Features and Benefits of Automatic Tire Changers"

Changing tires can be a laborious and time-consuming task, but with the advent of automatic tire changers, the process has become faster, safer, and more convenient than ever before.

Gone are the days of wrestling with stubborn tire beads or risking injury while manually mounting and demounting tires. Automatic tire changers utilize advanced technology and intelligent mechanisms to simplify the tire changing process, making it a breeze for automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike.

An automatic tire changer is a machine used in automotive workshops and tire service centers to remove and install tires on rims quickly and efficiently. It is designed to make the tire

changing process easier and safer for technicians.

How Does its work? Does different from other types of tire changers? Here’s a general overview of how an automatic tire changer works:

Mounting the tire: The technician begins by placing the wheel with the tire onto the machine’s turntable. The turntable is then locked into place to prevent any movement during the process.

Bead breaking: The tire changer has a bead-breaking mechanism that applies force to break the seal between the tire bead and the rim. This is typically done using a pneumatic arm or a roller that exerts pressure on the sidewall of the tire.

Demounting the tire: Once the bead is broken, the machine uses a combination of rollers, levers, and pneumatic arms to push or pull the tire off the rim. These mechanisms apply force to separate the tire bead from the rim, gradually working the tire loose until it can be completely removed.

Mounting a new tire: The technician prepares the new tire by lubricating the beads and the rim to facilitate installation. The tire changer then uses a combination of rollers, levers, and pneumatic arms to assist in mounting the new tire onto the rim. This process is done carefully to avoid damaging the tire or rim.

Inflation and sealing: Once the new tire is mounted on the rim, the tire changer often includes an integrated inflation system. This system can inflate the tire to the recommended pressure automatically while ensuring a proper seal between the tire bead and the rim.

Balancing (optional): Some advanced automatic tire changers also include a wheel balancing feature. After mounting the tire, the machine can analyze the wheel’s balance and indicate any required weight adjustments to ensure smooth operation.

UNITE U-650 is a new professional automatic tire changer, Our proprietary intelligent control system features outstanding performance and has been patented.

Leverless design without damage to tires/rims, efficient and effortless mounting and demounting of low-profile/run-flat tires, equipped with a high-fidelity camera system and LCD screen, the whole operation is under control and no longer has a blind spot to remove the tire.

U-650 Full Automatic Leverless Tire Changer
U-650 Full Automatic Leverless Tire Changer

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional manual tire changers and embrace the future of tire maintenance with the U-650, upgrade your tire changing with the U-650 – the ultimate solution for effortless, efficient, and safe tire maintenance. Get ready to revolutionize your shop and elevate your tire service to new heights!

So, what sets automatic tire changers apart from their manual counterparts? Let’s explore some key advantages:

Speed and Efficiency: Automatic tire changers are designed to minimize the time spent on tire changes. With powerful pneumatic arms, bead-breaking mechanisms, and tire mounting assistance, these machines can swiftly remove old tires and install new ones, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Safety First: Tire changing can be physically demanding and potentially hazardous. Automatic tire changers prioritize safety by minimizing the risk of injuries associated with manual tire changes. The automated processes and ergonomic designs ensure technicians can work more comfortably and with reduced physical strain.

Versatility and Precision: Automatic tire changers are equipped with adjustable features to accommodate a wide range of tire sizes and types. Whether you’re dealing with low-profile tires, run-flats, or larger-diameter rims, these machines can handle them all, ensuring precise and accurate tire installations.

Integrated Technology: Many automatic tire changers come with integrated features such as tire inflation systems and wheel balancers. This means you can conveniently inflate the tires to the recommended pressure and check and correct any wheel imbalances, all in one seamless process.

Visit your local automotive workshop or tire service center to witness the power of automatic tire changers in action. Trust us, once you’ve experienced their efficiency, you’ll never want to go back to manual methods.