Inspiring Do-It-Yourself Welding Projects for Home or Side-Hustle

Whether welding is your day job, serious hobby or growing side-gig, it’s definitely a way to build practical, aesthetic pieces that you can use, display or sell. If you’re looking to use your welding skills to make extra money, consider the following ideas for inventive inspiration and to help you get started.

DIY Welding Table

Every welder could use a welding table, especially one that’s portable and designed to fit a clamp. No need to buy one when you can make it yourself. Using just a few basic tools, this is a fairly straight-forward project that can be completed at your own pace. And the best part? Now you have a sturdy welding table that you can take to work or use in your workshop.

Modern Industrial Hanging Rack

If you’re short on kitchen space, considering welding a modern industrial hanging rack for your favorite pots and pans. Using scrap metal pieces from your shop, this project can be inexpensive to create but the end result still looks polished. The final product creates an appealing display in the kitchen, one that can also be customized for potential customers.

Sheet Metal Flower

Welding beginners shouldn’t feel left out of this conversation. This next example is perfect for a novice to complete while honing their MIG welding and plasma cutting techniques. There’s no reason to stress about rough edges or imperfections because those will only add to the charm and character of this attractive rustic flower.

Barbecue Pit

Summertime is barbecue season so here’s a TIG welding project that is right at home in any backyard space. This tutorial begins with some basic TIG welding tips and details each step with photos. You’ll definitely need to gather specific parts and materials to complete this one. If you don’t have access to a large sheet metal cutter, an angle grinder could also work.

American Flag

These hand-crafted, majestic flags make a gorgeous centerpiece in any home and could become a top seller. It’s easy to be inspired by the workmanship displayed in these sleek, artistic, welded creations.

Hope these samples were helpful to jump-start your creativity and beyond. Happy welding!