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The Most Popular And Economical Flux Core Welding Machine

If you are in the market to buy a new welding machine for your garage, workshop, or any other industrial usage, then you will come across a wide range of options where different welding machines offer different functions. Out of all these various options, the best flux core welders mentioned in this article can be a great option for heavy-duty usage where you may have to make a lot of welds thanks to these features:

Current Output: Whether you are buying a flux core welder or any other type of welding machine, it is quite important to check its current output as a higher current output of 160 amps or 200 amps is going to offer much better performance than a current output of 100 amps or 120 amps in most cases.
Material Thickness: Even if you are getting a flux core welder that offers high current output, it is not going to be useful for you if it cannot weld thick sheets of metal. Fortunately, most flux core welders mention a material thickness rating of ⅛ inch or ¼ inch whereas the higher latter rating is much better for heavy-duty usage.
Controls: Before you go ahead and start using your high-performance flux core welder for your workshop projects, it is quite important to check the controls offered by it. Without proper controls for the current output and the flux core feeding rate, you will not be able to make accurate and precise welds using your flux core welder.
Apart from these features and factors, you still need to consider much more before buying flux core welders. Hence, to help you in picking the right one, all the various flux core welders stated here also have their important specifications and options explained along with a comprehensive “Buying Guide” so that by the time you reach the end of this article, you can easily buy the best flux core welder for you.

FLUX CORED MMA FC-120 Gasless Flux Cored Wire Inverter Welding Machine
FLUX CORED MMA FC-120 Gasless Flux Cored Wire Inverter Welding Machine

The Perfect Power FC-120 120A MIG flux core welder is the popular and economical option stated here current output. To be precise, this heavy-duty flux core welder from Perfect Power is able to offer a maximum current output rating of up to 120 amps. Not only that but you also get a superb duty cycle of 60% at 120 A which is much higher than most other welding machines.

With the Perfect Power FC-120 120A MIG flux core welder, you get fairly decent performance numbers and a wide range of handy features making it a great option for many. While you get a decently high current output of 120 amps with it, it only weighs 11 lbs allowing you to take it with you. Talking about its duty cycle, it is quite average at 60% duty cycle which is to be expected from such a portable option.

However, despite having the given current rating, its material thickness is a bit limited at ⅛ inch and can be low for some users. For using this mig welding machine, you will have to use .030″(0.8mm) and .035″ (0.9mm) flux wire which makes it fairly versatile. Just like most other brands, Perfect Power welder also offers a 1-year long warranty with its flux core welder.