Features to Consider in Good Car Lifts for Home Garage

Features to Consider in Good Car Lifts for Home Garage

What are the main aspects to consider before venturing on your car lift  buying journey? Buying a car lift for your home garage can be a dream for a dedicated car… Here are some tips on where to begin:


It’s not the first thing you might think of, but it’s a crucial part of the process. You can choose to have the car lift installed professionally, but it’ll cost you somewhere in the region of $600 to $1,000.

We know that’s a lot, but there’s a lot of work involved in the process. You must assemble it correctly. It’s not a DIY project that should be undertaken lightly.

What Do You Need?

Before you start drooling about the 11,000-pound lift capacity or other cool features, have a think about your requirements. Do you need that much power? How much does your current vehicle weigh?

We recommend choosing a lift that is at least 2,000 pounds heavier than your existing vehicle. Unless your next vehicle is a monster truck, anything more is excessive. You can throw in some tolerance in case you buy a bigger car in the future if you like, but be realistic.

Another area that distracts us is cool features. It’s true; there are some excellent features on the lifts on our list below, but do you need them? If you’re using the lift to hold a vehicle out of the way, do you need an expandable top beam, for example?

Always Choose High-Quality First

Buying a car lift is a massive purchase. It’s tempting to look for the cheapest deal, but that’s a bad move. Stick to a high-quality model, even if it’s plain.

It’s better to choose a reputable company with an excellent track record in this area. It’s not worth the risk of buying cheap when it comes to this type of product. Imagine how foolish you’d feel if you had to pay thousands in car damages because you didn’t want to spring for a few extra bucks upfront.

Keep these tips in mind as we head into our Top Product Reviews below.

PL-4.0-2B 2 Post Lift for Home Garage Car Lift


The PL-4.0-2B 2 Post Lift is one of our favorite products for several reasons, including its competitive features and price. It’s durable, performs flawlessly, and is CE-certified. The lift is also easy to use, highly effective and holds the car securely.

The company used Q345 steel for added strength, and several built-in safety features leave us confident about recommending the PL-4.0-2B 2 Post Lift to you.


It is your typical two-post design, with some interesting upgrades. The floor plate has been improved, and the columns have a double-S design for better durability. You can lift up to 4 Tons up to 70 inches in height with complete confidence.

The prominent safety features include:

  • A double point safety lock release.
  • Locks on the arms in case power fails.
  • Redundancy measures within the power pump to stop it from overloading.

The price for the PL-4.0-2B 2 Post Lift is possibly the most surprising aspect. It’s an outstanding price considering the quality engineering and high-quality build. This is superb value for what you get and makes it the stand-out product on this list.