Equipping Your Auto Repair Shop for Tire Replacement Services: Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers

Equipping Your Auto Repair Shop for Tire Replacement Services Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers

Embarking on the establishment of an automobile repair workshop entails a substantial investment in essential equipment and provisions, including wheel balancers and tire changers. An integral facet of operating an automotive repair establishment involves providing tire replacement services, necessitating the presence and availability of appropriate equipment.

Hence, we have formulated this comprehensive manual outlining the two primary equipment pieces required to furnish proficient tire replacement services: wheel balancers and tire changers.

Which Wheel Balancers are Ideal for My Automotive Repair Workshop?

In the context of tire replacement, it is imperative to possess wheel balancer equipment capable of accommodating the range of tire sizes your services encompass. Certain specific models are tailored to function with automotive, semi-truck, ATV, and motorcycle tires. Therefore, meticulously scrutinizing the specifications of the models under consideration becomes vital to ensure a precise match for your enterprise’s needs. Should your operations span a diverse array of vehicles, the potential necessity for multiple-wheel balancers should be acknowledged.

U-110 Portable Digital Baseline Entry-Level Wheel Balance

u-110-portable-digital-baseline-entry-level-wheel-balancerU-110 Portable Digital Baseline Entry Level Wheel Balancer. This balancer features an LED light and a digital display for easy use. It offers self-calibration and self-diagnosis functions, ensuring accurate results. The extended measuring scale accommodates rims ranging from 10″ to 24″ in size. With a high-precision main shaft, this balancer guarantees precise measurements. Its compact and movable design makes it an ideal choice, especially for in-vehicle servicing purposes.

U-579 Self-Calibrating Computer Wheel Balancer

u-579-self-calibrating-computer-wheel-balancerU-579 Self-Calibrating Computer Wheel Balancer boasts an array of advanced features. Enjoy swift data input with automatic distance and wheel diameter measurements. Embrace the specialized tracking sticky balancing mode, tailored for high-class wheels employing stick-on weights exclusively. Benefit from an automated width measuring scale and the convenience of an Automatic Disc Brake mechanism, ensuring the wheel’s precise positioning through an automatic main shaft lock.

This balancer also boasts a Laser Pointer to effortlessly identify imbalance locations, and an LED Lighting system to illuminate the weight position indicator. Explore the option of a Pneumatic Locking System for added convenience. Engage with the 3D Animation interface for a fresh perspective, enhanced by a new patented software system.

Navigate effortlessly through user-friendly balancing operating modes, enriched by an innovative dynamic indication light, enhancing both accuracy and convenience. The intuitive button design, adorned with quick and understandable symbols, accelerates operation speed. Elevate software precision and utilization, all while accommodating a multitude of languages—20 languages are readily available, with the capability to incorporate even more languages based on your preferences.

Which Tire Changers are Ideal for My Automotive Repair Workshop?

U-650 Full Automatic And Manual Leverless Tyre Changer

u-650-fully-automatic-leverless-touchless-tire-changersU-650 Touchless Tire Changer, is a revolutionary solution that streamlines the tire-changing process. This innovation automatically initiates tire dismounting once the tire parameters are input, eliminating the need for manual intervention. The leverless design ensures a gentle touch on both tires and rims, guaranteeing efficient and effortless mounting and demounting, particularly for low-profile and run-flat tires.

Our exclusive intelligent control system, a patented marvel, boasts exceptional performance. The equipment is enhanced with a high-fidelity camera system and an LCD screen, providing complete operational oversight and eliminating blind spots during the tire removal process.

Product Features:

1. Moveable control console for comfortable operation. The equipment is equipped with an intelligent control system and fully automatic tire removal by simply entering tire parameters. The whole process can be done without human intervention.
2. Support both manual and automatic operation modes, available to switch at any time in the process of tire removal and installation. In manual mode, it only requires manually operating the buttons to complete the tire mounting and demounting.
3. Equipped with a high-fidelity camera system and LCD screen, the whole operation is under control, and no longer has a blind spot to demount the tire.
4. 3 in 1 tool head, including leverless mount/demount head, bead pressing roller, and bead pressing disc.
5. Hydraulic lifting disc also provides a powerful force to separate the lower bead and rim quickly.
6. With center post turntable which can be flipped 90 degrees to make loading and unloading tires easier.
7. Remove the tire easily and efficiently from the rim.


u-256tpro-tilting-type-tyre-changer-with-help-arm-systemAn automatic mount/demount head tilting type tire changer equipped with a standard automatic mount/demount head T03. With a spacious 28″ turntable, it accommodates tires ranging from 12″ to 26″ through external clamping and 15″ to 28″ through internal clamping. The system incorporates an independent help arm mechanism featuring a versatile design for activities such as bead pressing, lifting, loosening, and precise wheel positioning.

The automatic mount/demount head T03 offers a lever-less operation and exerts an impressive 500kg of power. To ensure tire and rim protection, this tire changer is furnished with a triple-layer plastic protector, guaranteeing the prevention of any unwanted scratches on the steel ring.

The other key piece of automotive machinery required is a tire changer for replacement services. Tire changers are equipped with diverse features and options tailored to accommodate a broad spectrum of tire sizes. It is essential to opt for models based on the specific types and dimensions of tires you deal with, as well as models engineered to handle the assortment of rims prevalent in today’s market.

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To sum up, possessing the appropriate equipment is of paramount importance when it comes to providing tire replacement services within an auto repair shop. Ensuring investment in top-notch wheel balancers and tire changers, specifically calibrated to match the tire sizes and categories you will be catering to, is imperative. Be ready to make multiple acquisitions if the need arises. Armed with the right equipment, you can furnish your clientele with proficient and effective tire replacement services.