5 Essential Automotive Equipments To Successfully Running An Automotive Tyre Shop

5 Essential Automotive Equipments To Successfully Running An Automotive Tyre Shop
Running an automotive tyre shop requires a specific set of equipment to provide a high level of service to customers. Here are five essential pieces of equipment to successfully run an automotive tyre shop business ideas:
  1. Tyre Changer: A tyre changer is a machine used to remove and install tyres from wheels. This equipment can help speed up the tyre replacement process, improve accuracy, and reduce the risk of damage to the tyre or wheel. For example, the PL-1256it fully automatic tilt back tire changer with dual assist arm for tires with a rim from 14″ to 26″ (max. wheel diameter 1143 mm./45″, max. wheel width 406mm./16″). Suggested for mid-high volume tire shops, garages, and repair shops. Equipped with dual assist arm for easy mounting/demounting of the tire.
  2. Wheel Balancer: A wheel balancer is used to ensure that the weight of the wheel and tyre is evenly distributed, which can help reduce vibration and improve the overall handling of the vehicle. A good quality wheel balancer can help you provide accurate and reliable wheel balancing services to your customers.For example, the PL-1828 wheel balancer represents the very latest generation of puli Wheel Balancers. Boasting automatic data entry, the offset and diameter are entered automatically using the inner measuring gauge, and the all-new ‘monitor-style’ large LED display and new design chassis give the balancer a far more practical and aesthetically improved design.
  3. Air Compressor: An air compressor is an essential piece of equipment for an automotive tyre shop. It is used to inflate tyres, power air tools, and operate pneumatic machines. A high-quality air compressor can help you work more efficiently and provide better service to your customers.For example, the PL-3085-FN air compressor is built with a single-stage, air-cooled, and moveable air compressor with cast iron heads for good heat dissipation and no heat transfer between cylinders. The belt drive oil-lubricated pump runs quietly and delivers long pump life. Built tough enough for commercial shops. Enough capacity to inflate tires, power air tools, and operate pneumatic machines, and more. Includes portability kit with no-flat tires.
  4. Alignment Machine: An alignment machine is used to check and adjust the alignment of a vehicle’s wheels. Proper wheel alignment can help improve fuel efficiency, reduce tire wear, and improve handling. Investing in a high-quality alignment machine can help you provide accurate and reliable alignment services to your customers.For example, the thePL-3D-6666 Manual Lift Three Cameras Edition V3D Wheel Alignment Machine, the wheel aligner allows you to work in front of the vehicle or vehicle lift without a complicated setup. No need to do any calibration.
  5. Lifts: While not as essential as the other pieces of equipment on this list, lifts can be very useful in a tyre shop. They can be used to lift the vehicle for inspection, repair, or tyre changes. Two-post lifts or scissor lifts are the most commonly used in tyre shops. For example, the PL-C35 scissor lift includes a set of turntables and the runway jack rail is designed to accommodate optional rolling jacks. The lift is equipped with a semi-enclosed air line kit routing system to accommodate the optional airline kit. This air line kit will provide air to the rolling jacks and prevent shop air hoses from cluttering the floor.

By investing in these essential pieces of equipment, you can provide high-quality tyre services and improve the efficiency of your automotive tyre shop. Additionally, proper maintenance of the equipment is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity.