You Need To Know-Servicing Automotive Air Conditioning Tools and Equipment

Considering climate change and the increased demand for air conditioning tools and equipment, the automotive air conditioning demand around the global is soaring,The automotive air conditioning tools and equipment requires regular servicing. The service should be done at least once every 12 months, ideally before the change of seasons.

Regular servicing improves the system’s efficiency and lifespan and detects potential issues before they worsen. This will also improve air quality inside the car by cleaning the system to prevent mold, microbes, and other pollutants.

When individuals tackle automotive air conditioning maintenance and repair projects, they need efficient air conditioning tools,Automotive maintenance suppliers have most automotive air conditioner tools, since the right tool is necessary for automotive projects,Great advice and information about automotive air conditioning tools is available free of charge at most automotive suppliers, so all customers can buy the tools and supplies needed for the job.

You Need To Know-Servicing Air Conditioning Tools and Equipment


Many modern car owners use R-134a to recharge their air conditioning system. This particular refrigerant is available at an automotive supplier.

Pressure Gauges

A pressure gauge is a very important tool. It is offered in two varieties. Shoppers who are on a budget usually purchase the cheaper device; it has one gauge, and it only works with a low-pressure port. The higher priced device, however, is more professional. It has a high and low pressure gauge. This particular system can also be recharged with the low pressure gauge. Most individuals use both the high and the low gauge.

Charge Hose

A charge hose screws on top of a can of refrigerant. The hose goes into the gauge block. The hose has a valve that is pierced. The device punches a hole in the can’s top allowing refrigerant to travel through the system.

Leak Detective

An air conditioner system is also called a closed system. This means that the closed system is completely sealed. The closed system will only need to be recharged two times. Users must recharge the system after maintenance and after a leak occurs. Mechanics locate leaks two ways. One method involves using a leak detector. The other method involves using a dye, which is infiltrated into the system. Once infiltrated, the mechanic finds the leak by looking for dye on the pipes. When mechanics use an electronic leak detector tool, the sensor locates the leak. The sensor can detect refrigerant when it travels into the atmosphere.

When working with automotive air conditioner tools, always utilize proper safety procedures. Each particular tool will have specific directions about how the device should be used. If issues occur while using any tool, consult a professional automotive technician. Depending on the project, opening up the system may be a requirement. Before opening the system, the refrigerant must be removed to ensure safety. After the refrigerant is removed, take it to a professional for recycling.

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