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M6070-TU Tunnel-Type Tunnel Car Wash Machine

The all-new M6070-TU tunnel car wash machine three-brush, the gantry-style workhorse is loaded with technologically advanced features and controls.

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This M6070-TU tunnel car wash system has 9 brushes and will wash every aspect of a car, all while using less water and lower power consumption. This car wash system improves washing efficiency, saves utilities, and increases customer profits, making this conveyor car wash a popular system among our customers.

Product Features:

  1. One  click on-off, wireless control, smart pay system
  2. vehicle type detection technology
  3. Side brush reversing washing technology
  4. Side brush beyond centerline technology
  5. Side brush vehicle head positioning technology
  6. Top brush contour imitation technology
  7. Fault self-checking system
  8. Smart parking guidance system


Tech Detail Machine size L12*W3.8*H3.44m
Conveyor length 11.6m (including wheel positioner)
Installation area L12.5*W4m (Side Inspection path must be reserved)
Power supply AC380V,50Hz 5 wires
Water source Pipe Diamter: DN25 flow≥200L/min
Air source 0.75~0.9Mpa flow≥0.1m3/min
Ground flatness Tolerance≤10mm
Applicable Car type Car/Jeep/Van under 10 seats
Applicable car size L5.2*W2.1*H2m
Washing time 46 cars/H
Cost per car Water consumption 72L/car
Electricity consumption 0.46kwh/car
Shampoo consumption 7ml/car
Configuration Hot dip galvanized frame one set
Shampoo spray system one set
Water wax spray system one set
Drying system one set
Car entry guidance system one set
Car bottom washing system one set
High pressure water device one set
Equipment data intelligence Management/point inspect/operation
Fault self-checking Yes
Brushes Small vertical brush 4pcs
Big vertical brush 4pcs
Top brush 1pc
Key spare parts Brush motor Wanda
PLC Mitsubishi
photoelectric inspector Banner
Relay Omron
Contactor Schneider
Fan motor Contour imitation technology
Proximity switches Pepperl Fuchs
Small brush cyliner Airtac
Side brush cylinder Airtac
Wax suction pump Siphon