Garage Shop Essential Equipments-Tire Changers

Garage Shop Essential Equipments-Tire Changers

With the rapid development of the automotive market, the requirements for tires are getting higher and higher, the car maintenance industry is further subdivided, and auto repair shops specializing in repairing and maintaining tires are appearing more and more. As a car maintenance project, the most commonly used portable changers tire are also being used more and more. Tire changer. It is an automobile maintenance equipment that assists in the disassembly and installation of automobile tires during vehicle maintenance, making it easier and smoother in vehicle maintenance. Disassembly and assembly of tires.
Portable tire changer is a must-have vehicle repair tool for repair shops and tire shops. Today, there are many brands of portable tire changers. The brands of domestic and imported products make the owners of various auto repair shops dazzled. How to choose high-performance tire changers, how to choose the most reliable and cost-effective products.Tire changer, first of all, the positioning should be accurate in function, the tire disassembly machine is divided into several models, there are special car tire changer, big car tire changer, some tire changer can disassemble the explosion-proof tire, etc., therefore, When choosing a tire changer, choose a suitable tire changer according to the customer’s positioning of the repair shop. At the time of purchase, the main functions of the tyre changer and the parameters of the product shall be determined.

Note on the use of portable tire changer during use:

Garage Shop Essential Equipments-Tire Changers

Make sure the power is connected to avoid damaging the machine.

When using a side pressure device, avoid touching the steel ring to avoid damage to the steel ring.

When disassembling the tire, be careful not to damage the tire opening to prevent the tire from leaking.

When using the portable tire changer, pay attention to the distance between the operator’s hands and feet and the machine linkage mechanism, so as not to pinch your hands and feet.

The power supply of the tire machine must be in a normal state. The power supply is in the off position when not in operation. The internal air pressure is at normal pressure, and the air duct is not connected in the non-working state.
Check the tire frame for deformation before changing the tire, and whether the nozzle has air leaks and cracks.

Unscrew the air nozzle to release the tire pressure, place the tire in the middle of the compression arm, and operate the compression arm to separate the two sides of the tire from the wheel frame.

Garage Shop Essential Equipments-Tire Changers

Operate each switch to remove the tire.

When the new tires are installed, the tires are lifted upwards, and the switches are operated to load the tires.

Each switch is placed in the closed position after assembly

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